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Fancher's Street Edge Self-Defense Systems!

Fancher's Street Edge now has full-time location! We are now located at  3225 S. Yale, North of 41st Street and just before the BA Expressway!

We are offering additional kids classes, an Adult Street Self-Defense Program and the addition of a Pee Wee Karate class for 4 and 5 year old children!

We are also going to offer two different dance classes on Tuesday nights! We officially open on April 28th, please check back for updates this week!

Owner/Senior Instructor Tim Fancher is also available for Individual and Group classes, Church Security Seminars and Women's Self-Defense Seminars for your business, group, organization or church. For more information, please use our Contact page to send us your questions!

For information on the Kids Self-Defense and Physical Fitness Classes, please see the About page. Thank you!

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